Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

Photos, stories, and presentations about Cambridge's past & present

I love my hometown. I love the old photos and postcards, but what I really like are the stories. My dad was an historian. I'm not. I am a raconteur. I try to be as historically accurate as possible, but as my wife will tell you, I never let facts get in the way of a good story.


In addition to collecting, organizing, and sharing the past, I also try to record the present. My hope is that 100 years from now, someone will say "Thanks, Ken Gottry, for showing me what Cambridge was like in the 2000s" the same way I thank people who did the same around 1900.


When you see a set of small images that indicates a photo album. Click on any photo to drill down.


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Enjoy, Ken 15-Sep-2016