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 In 2020 Cambridge was selected as one of ten communities nationwide to participate in the Recreation Economy for Rural Communities (RERC) program. A Community Action Plan was developed during week-long workshops with 150+ residents and local, state, and national organizations.

A key action item was a comprehensive sidewalk audit to identify where there needs to be sidewalks installed, repaired, or improved for better access to community assets. This includes the new Community Forest, Woodlands Cemetery, community gardens, trails, and pocket parks, complementing and building on Main Street redevelopment projects.

In 2021, 25 residents used the AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit to review the 19 miles of sidewalk areas within the village. Six miles have concrete, 3 miles have slate, and 10 miles have no sidewalk.

We evaluated the condition and width of the sidewalk as well as the street crossing, curbs, and boundaries. The audit also included driver behavior, safety, comfort, and appeal. Each section was scored from 1-4 (4=best) across nine categories.

The results of the sidewalk audit are available online. Besides the scorecards there is a bicycle video tour of all the sidewalks
Online documents and videos


At the 2020 village elections, Cambridge residents approved  a 25-year $3.7M bond issue to build a new firehouse on Gilbert Street (Route 313).. Ground was broken on 17-Jul-2021

To raise money for the Firehouse Fund, I am writing a book on the history of the fire department.

On 22-Sep-2021, I gave a presentation at the Cambridge Historical Society covering a small portion of that history

Cambridge Fire Department
In this presentation Ken Gottry will trace the history of the Cambridge Fire Department from its creation in 1866 to the groundbreaking in Jul-2021 of its new firehouse. It will cover the multiple small fire companies throughout the East End and West End and their unification into a single entity in 1931. Ken will talk about the trucks, the people, and the buildings associated with the organization that for 155 years have helped keep our community safe.

Here are the slides from that presentation

At the village elections on Wednesday March 18, residents will be asked to approve a 25-year $3.7M bond issue to build a new firehouse on Gilbert Street (Route 313).

2020 Proposed Firehouse     2016 Cambridge Fire Dept 150years     Gray TomAlexander Nash

Expand this artcile to see photos of the members of the CFD


In March 2020 the village voters will be presented with a bond issue to fund a new firehouse on Gilbert Street. I thought it appropriate to look back at the last time we were asked to help those who help us.

Fires play a major role in our history. In March 1866 the West End burned which led to the formation of our fire department. In August 1947, the Old School burned which led to the current CCS. In March 1950, the firehouse burned which led to our current Municipal Building.

1950 Firehouse annotated 

Woodlands Cemetery was established in 1858. Here's its history



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The Cambridge Diner has stood on East Main Street since the 1930s. On Sunday 13-Oct from 2-5pm the revitalized sign was celebrated with the unveiling at 3pm. I recounted some history and memories of the diner that has anchored the village for over 80 years. 

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