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In March 2020 the village voters will be presented with a bond issue to fund a new firehouse on Gilbert Street. I thought it appropriate to look back at the last time we were asked to help those who help us.

Fires play a major role in our history. In March 1866 the West End burned which led to the formation of our fire department. In August 1947, the Old School burned which led to the current CCS. In March 1950, the firehouse burned which led to our current Municipal Building.

1950 Firehouse annotated 

Woodlands Cemetery was established in 1858. Here's its history



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The Cambridge Diner has stood on East Main Street since the 1930s. On Sunday 13-Oct from 2-5pm the revitalized sign was celebrated with the unveiling at 3pm. I recounted some history and memories of the diner that has anchored the village for over 80 years. 

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In In Oct-1954, all of the houses in Cambridge were renumbered to comply with new Post Ofice regulations. This is a good source to see what stores were where and who lived where in 1954.

One thing to note is that, as part of the ongoing feud between the West End and the East End, the houses on East Main even switched even-odd sides of the street. The railroad tracks have always divided West Main Street and East Main Street. House numbers on the north side of Main Street were always even and on the south side of Main Street were always odd.

Until 1954. When the East End saw that the West End was putting the even numbers on the north side of Main Street, the East End countered by flip-flopping putting the odd numbers on the north side.

As of 1-Oct-1954, my house was changed from 26 East Main Street to 39 East Main Street. Kinda makes researching history even more of a challenge.

Good ole Cambridge

This PDF lists all the houses and stores with owners and addresses in 1954


In Sep-2018 the Irish Palatine Special Interest Group of the Ontario Genealogical Society traveled from Montreal to NYC, passing through Cambridge. I was their bus tour guide on Day Five visiting the churches and cemeteries of their ancestors, including Philip Embury

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On March 15-17, 1919 members of the American Expeditionary Force convened in Paris for the first American Legion caucus. On Sept. 16 same year the U.S. Congress chartered the American Legion

One week later, on Sept 23,1919, Cambridge held a parade for her returning service men and nurses. It was followed by a ceremony at the Old School. The celebration proceeded to the Grange Hall for supper and dancing. It was there acting secretary Malcolm Parrish collected signatures requesting a temporary charter.

A year later, in Dec 1920, a permanent charter was approved with 43 charter members. Lorenzo L. Connor was elected the first Commander of the Cambridge Post. In that same year, the Post opened their first headquarters in north end of the Cambridge House (the Hotel)

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AmericanLegion 2019