Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

The sun was shining, the sidewalks were clear of snow and ice, but the weatherman was predicting another winter storm. Better take my walk over to the Library before the bad weather hits.

As I entered the Cambridge Public Library, I could hear chatter from the upper level (the “old" section as I call it). I walked up the stairs and there was a large gray blow-up building. Inside I could hear someone lecturing about the night sky. Well, I had to grab a photo of that. And, once I had the camera out, I might as well snap some other photos of Cambridge c.2014.

Ken Gottry CCS 1968


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Cambridge Public Library


At the top is the “old” section of the Cambridge Public Library. The first school in Cambridge as constructed on Academy Street in 1799. Shortly after the school opened, an independent library opened to serve the school and the community. To this day, the CCS budget vote includes a line item to support the Public Library. Planetarium Adventures returned to the Cambridge Public Library on 18-Jan. Kids and parents crawled inside the gray, portable, blow-up planetarium to view a program on the winter sky. 


I still call this photo the “new” addition since it wasn’t there when I was a kid. Computers, books, history, e-books, audio books, music, newspapers. They’ve got it all.

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You can always find locals giving back to the community via the library programs. Bliss White McIntosh CCS 1981 will demonstrate her basketmaking art on 1-Feb-2014. Howard Romack CCS 1960 returns on 18-Feb-2014 for more Science for Kids



Cambridge Antique Center

 Across from the bank and library is the Cambridge Antique Center. In a past life, this was known as the Barton Building, O.K. (Pete) Spurr's furniture store, or Charlie Ackley's furniture store.


The store on the left side is Jack Metzgers shop. As a kid, Jack was always poking around out back looking for things, thus his shop is Jacks Out Back. As you can see from these photos, Jack crams a ton of stuff in his shop. Hes always on the lookout for local history. Stop by some time to chat . . . but be prepared to stay because you never know what youll find or what Jack will have to talk about that day.


The store on the right side is Cambridge Antiques. Bill is always on the lookout for top notch antiques. Im amazed at how quickly he turns over inventory. Stop by next month and youll likely to see a ton of items that werent there today.

The second floor brings back memories. As kids, young Charlie Ackley CCS 66 and I used to run around up there making sure the freight elevator worked. Now, its a beautiful display area.

The third floor is an art gallery serving many local artists.



Henry Jeskie's Barber Shop

Next time youre walking along West Main, pause as you pass the old Cambridge Lumber Company (McGhee Lumber, followed by Tink Parrish). Look down the east side of the building to see if the barber pole is spinning. If it is, Henry Jeskie CCS 64 can be found inside. Even if you dont need a trim, stop in to chat. Take off your coat because, like any good barber, Henry sure can talk



Cambridge Food Co-op

One West Main, the brick building on the south side of ain Street just west of the railroad tracks, was home to the Washington County Post when R.K. Crocker ran it in the 1850s. The name can still be faintly seen etched into the brick facade. Many of us remember this building as the Jerome Wright, and later the Bob Wright, Insurance company. So its fitting that you're likely to find Jane Falkenbury Wright CCS 57 working in the Co-Op