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I've recently seen Ted Rice (White Creek) and Ruth Wilson (Shushan & Camden Valley) posts items on Facebook related to the patents (land grants) that formed the beginning of our area. I thought I'd follow suit and organize some of the material I have.

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1761 KenGottrySr Patents LotsNumbered darker



Some of this isn't that great, but may give pointers as to where else to search. Somewhere I have the 1780 (1790) Wells map. As I recall it was related to the sale or subdivision of some family land (on the Turnipike). There are two dates on the map: the date is was created and the date it was filed (20+ years later as I recall). I seem to recall a lot of references to other lots in the patents.

John Patterson, attorney on West Main, has a great deed framed on his wall in the conference room. I can't recall the details (maybe an Ackley) , but it has references to the surrounding lots. Stop by the law office to check it out

Here are things I could quickly lay my hands on. I have tons more but it will take digging thorugh my archives. Click on any line to open in a new window. Right-click and select Save Link As to download











1791_Deed_LauchlinWright.txt    (lot #5)

Deeds_WashingtonCounty_1796-1800.pdf   (Penny Hulslander ... good person to Google)


Landholders_NortheasternNY_1739-1802.pdf   (Fred Q Bowen ... another good person to Google)



Inhabitants of the Embury Wilson Patent

Embury_Wilson_Patent.jpg      (thanks, Ted Rice)

Map of Embury patent from NYS Archives    (thanks, Ted Rice)

Zoom in on patent around Shushan   (thanks, Kim West)

Zoom in on patents around Camden Valley   (thanks, Kim West)