Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

The photos of the West End fall into two categories: (1) the South side; and (2) the Union House on the north side. This photo is an exception, giving a rare glimpse of the north side of West Main Street, probaly in the 1870s or early 1880s.

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This photo shows a rare view of the north side of West Main Street between the Union House and the Cambridge Creek. The date is probably in the 1870s or early 1880s.

[note: the identification of the buildings herein is based on newspaper articles from the era. The building owners listed may not match the exact date of the photo]

On the left edge is the old steam mill erected shortly after the Civil War on the east side of the Cambridge Creek about where the West End Market (Lydia's Closet) is today. When J.B.Rice moved the family seed business from Salem to Cambridge, he first located in this building. The sign Seed House Rooms may indicate Rice had vacated the old mill by the time this photo was taken.

Moving left-to-right (west-to-east) the next building is likely the Harper and McClellan store. Mial Barton used the second story as a showroom for his furniture, prior to erecting the Barton building where today is located the Cambridge Antiques across from the current bank.

Next is C.S. Robinson's notions store. The sign indicates a Billiards Hall is upstairs. In the basement is the saloon run by Elijah Towne. Next is J.G. Walker's tailor shop and J.Y. Smith's store.

Just out of the photo on the right edge is the old 2-story rectangular Union House, filling the space between Smith's store and North Union Street. J.G.Woodworth was the proprietor of the Union House which served as a favorite watering hole on the West End.