Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

Northern Turnpike,built 1799-1804, goes from Lansingburgh, through Cambridge, to Granville. It was the major highway to get from NYC to Canada. Its stagecoach traffic fostered the economic development of the East End and West End of Cambridge

This is a story of

  • privatization
  • big business vs. big government
  • outsourcing
  • influential lobbyists
  • Fake News
  • voting irregularities
  • corrupt public officials
  • State lotteries to fund public projects
  • poor infrastructure in sparsely populated areas
  • widening gap between the Have’s and Have Not’s


Sounds like 2018, but this was 1790 the Turnpike Era

 Northern Turnpike Milepost AckleyRoad 2016 04 21


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